Joint Accounts – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Anyone can open an account with another person, or 2 or 3 or 10 other people.  Joint accounts are common for married couples and for parents and children.  Are they a good idea? For sure, but there are some things you need to know if you have a joint account.

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Why do you want to be a Manager?

Many, many years ago (I could probably add a few more ‘many’s’ in there), I got hired on with a bank as a BAMT.  Banks love their acronyms- Branch Assistant Manager Trainee. When I accepted the job, I actually did it without much thought. I liked financial stuff but I had not set a goal to be either a banker or a manager, I just got the offer and decided it was worth a shot. Thirty years of banking/leadership roles later, I guess I could call it a good decision. What was it that kept me in the role for so long and how did I manage to advance in my career?

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Do You Really Need a Bigger House?

I have what I consider to be a “big” house. It’s 1750 square feet on 1 1/2 levels, a finished basement, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Did I have a large family? No. Just got swept up in the bigger is better trend as our household income grew. In case you are wondering, my big house does not make me happy. The mortgage is paid, it’s not a money issue, but if you think you need a big house, here’s a few things to think about before buying.

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Collaboration – The Value of Everyone

There’s been recent articles about Boomers needing to move out and let the younger generations take over. What I firmly believe in, is the value of everyone, because that’s the true meaning of collaboration.

The Orchestra

I attended a conference many years ago and there was a motivational speaker who was an orchestra conductor by the name of Benjamin Zander. Even though this was many years ago, the messages were so impactful that I never forgot his talk. One subject was the theme of collaboration. I had never really thought about collaboration relative to the orchestra, however,  when he spoke about how everyone had a role to play and if anyone dropped the ball, everything could fall apart, and oppositely, what a masterpiece was created when everyone worked together to create a piece of music. 

As the orchestra conductor, he didn’t play a single instrument. His role was to lead. And by ensuring everyone was at their very best, using their unique talent and working together, he and his team created beautiful, powerful, music.

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The Managers Face

Everything shows on our face.  Happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear. It’s good to have emotion and show it, you want to be seen as human after all.  But mostly you want to be seen as professional, calm, enthusiastic, approachable – this is what I term as putting on your Managers Face.

I had the opportunity to conduct many employee interviews as a result of Employee Opinion Surveys. One theme that stood out to me was how supportive or not supportive employees felt their manager was. Often this wasn’t so much about how much interaction the employee had with their manager, it was about whether they thought their manager was approachable. Comments like, “she looks so grouchy all the time I don’t want to bother her,” or, “he always looks so angry when I interrupt him.” 

Some days it’s difficult not to roll your eyes and grit your teeth in frustration when someone asks you the same question for the 3rd time in a day. Sleepless nights, mornings when the kids seem intent on making your life miserable, traffic jams and motorists that clearly shouldn’t have a drivers license. How do you walk into work every day energized and motivated?  How do you keep up the Managers Face?

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Professional Procrastinator

How does that saying go? Put off today what you can do tomorrow? No, I think it actually goes like this:

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”       Benjamin Franklin

Such good advice, but oh so hard to follow.  

Are you a Professional Procrastinator? Do you have employees who are? Not only is this a productivity killer but it’s also a huge stressor, whether it is at work or life in general.

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The Artist: Chris de Burgh, The Album: Spanish Train and Other Stories

There’s a Spanish train that runs between

Guadalquivir and old Seville

And at the dead of night the whistle blows

And people hear she’s running still

Chris De Burgh, Spanish Train

As the album title suggests, this one is a selection of song or ‘stories’ and Chris de Burgh is one of the best story tellers. Enchanting lyrics and folk/pop style music, combined with his voice that has the ability to pull you in with a soft lyric, then explode with great power.

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